Technical Manager Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Technical Manager Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am not just a technical architect; but an exceptional technical manager who can manage very complex situations.
I am an outstanding technology manager and has the ability to manage both technical and non-technical staff.
I am an excellent technical manager, and knows how to get the best from my people.
I am one of the few managers that is people-oriented and technical.
I am also one of the most technically sound managers at the company.
I am very technical, but also very qualified in people management.
I have also become very good at non-technical "people" management.
I am very effective in managing things and is technically sound.
I am the unique blend of technical manager that has both management skills and technical expertise.
I am a well-organized, technical manager who delivers great technical solutions.
I am a highly capable technical manager, who was always keen to help us with any situation or technical issue.
I am a very detailed technical manager with many years of both technical and managerial experience.
I am a passionate and focused manager with great technical and management capabilities.
I am a technically inclined manager who didn't lose sight of being a manager.
I am one of those rare technical managers that understands the concerns of technical and non-technical teams alike, can act on those, and mediate parties.
I am a tremendous technical manager that seems to make everyone around me better at what they do.
I am a very understanding manager, who is also willing to technically help out if necessary.
I have some very exceptional traits that make me an exceptional technical manager.
I am very much respected by all levels of management as well as technical personnel.
I have the technical and management ability to do all that was asked of me and more.
I am one of the very few true technical managers in the best sense of the word.
I am both expert and proactive at managing through these technical challenges.
I have always been extremely helpful, in problems both technical and management.
I am very technical and my management style is very adaptable to any environment.
I am a technical manager who is easy going and is always up for a challenge
I am not only managing but providing real (technical) help whenever required.
I am always well respected by me technical hiring managers and candidates.
I have the right balance between technical chops and management expertise.
I am one of the most dynamic, friendly and approachable technical manager.
I am exceptional both technically and in terms of my management style.
I am very good at focussing on things, managing and technically excellent.
I am an efficient and thorough manager, with technical insight to boot.
I am technically proficient as well as being very capable as a manager.
I am an excellent manager - highly technical and very responsive.
I have successfully managed many challenging technical assignments.
I am remarkably for my management style and technical knowledge
I am an energetic, collaborative and technically astute manager.
I am unique amongst technical managers for several key reasons
I am very sincere, punctual and hard working technical manager.
I am not only good at management, but equally good technically.
I am not only people's manager, but a great technical manager as well, can really help you with technical difficulties, especially shell scripting but not limited to this.
I am a very technical manager that can bounce ideas around with my team and help to make the right technical decisions.
I am one of those managers who is excellent technically while also being a great resource manager.
I am a good manager of technical people having come from a technical background myself.
I am a manager who both knows how to manage my people and is well rounded when it comes to technical details.
I am both a good technical manager and a great people manager.
I have very good technical and management expertise which helps me manage teams and guide team technically.
I am someone any technical manager would love to have on their team.
I am technically astute and easily manages complex technical projects.
I am also invaluable as a technical manager when managing major events.
I have provided both technical expertise as well as managing and facilitating change.
I am not only technically sound but has excellent management capabilities.
I have the technical expertise in many areas, not just as a manager.
I am an extraordinary technical manager, innovator, and mentor.
I have strong technical knowledge also unlike other managers.
I am particularly adept at putting technical processes in place and managing other technical colleagues.
I am a technical delivery manager who's technical grasp really justifies that title.
I have great management skills and is very smart, technically and non-technically.
I am really high quality technical manager with a solid management background
I am a wonderful manager and technical expert who can make understanding the most complex of technical concepts simple.
I am an extremely astute manager and my technical background made me a great guy to go to with technical issues.
I am a great manager bridging the technical and non-technical into a balance that few can master.
I am a technically strong, hands-on manager who knew how to manage up, down and sideways within the organization.
I am the rare manager who grasps the technical issues in detail, but never micro-manages.
I am one of the few people who know how to effectively manage technical people.
I have also presented several technical and management presentations over the years.
I am always available to clarify technical and complex concepts to managers and other key stakeholders
I have the ability to not only embrace the most technical of issues, but can also manage an organization.
I am excellent manager that has both the technical vision and the capabilities to make things happen.
I am determined and uses me technical and management expertise to get to the bottom of the problem.
I have that unique combination of being both an excellent manager, but also being very technical too.
I am one of those rare managers who are very strong both technically, and leadership-wise.
I have a very positive and forward looking mindset in both management and technical skill sets
I am always keen to help with my technical problems, and managed to resolve them swiftly.
I have always set the benchmark both in technical & the management arena for others to follow.
I am the rare combination of being highly technical as well as an excellent manager.
I am extremely technical and excellent in all aspects of program/project management.
I am always graceful dealing with non-technical stakeholders and upper management.
I am a very experienced manager, very-well organized with strong technical background.
I am one of the few who can do the technical and management part and excel in both.
I am capable of managing technical and organizational issues of any complexity.
I am technically very strong and has the ability to manage at the highest level.
I am excellent at managing both personnel issues as well as technical issues.
I am a manager who constantly keeps up to date with the technical, too.
I am always on top of the technical aspects and was a joy to manage.
I am a manager who has a thorough understanding of technical details.
I am technical correct manager and happy to see me growing each day.
I am and will be a highly dignified and qualified technical manager.
I am quick to understand technical issues and manage the resolution.
I am a top class manager with excellent technical understanding.
I am result-oriented, technically strong and brilliant manager.
I am an astute, technical our company manager with an eye for perfection.
I am an excellent manager of large and small team environments within the technical and non-technical domain.
I am a technically savvy manager with the ability to lead others with and without my technical background.
I am very technically savvy and an expert in relationship management.
I have strong customer, management, and technical experience.
I am a very competent manager both in people management and providing technical direction.
I am exactly the type of person you would want to be your technical manager.
I am the consummate technical manager, vastly experienced in all technical issues and is commercially aware.
I have a depth of experience in technical writing and managing technical writers.
I am a career manager in addition to a technical discipline manager.
I am able to manage the technical and business of a problem and ensure understanding by both technical and non-technical resources.
I am the manager's go-to for helping organize technical things for the team.
I am very well suited for managing complex technical implementations.
I am very good technically as well as good at managing teams.
I am technically solid and manage the deliverables very well.
I am a highly resourceful technical manager with ability to balance technical and people management responsibilities of the position.
I am very technical which not only allows me to manage with greater effectiveness, but also makes me an excellent mentor.
I am technically competent and responsible to go beyond my responsibilities to make sure the tasks are managed.
I am one of those rare individuals that can manage people, yet still keep up my technical expertise.
I am very technical, well spoken and tactful which allows me to easily manage in both directions.
I am conscientious and patient, two things often lacking in technical managers.
I am technically competent and really excelled in dealing with users and management.
I am diligent and knowledgeable when managing technical escalations.
I am a good people manager and at the same time is very technical.
I have excellent knowledge of culture, technical and management.
I have a stellar technical vision and is adept at managing people.
I am extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to explain technical issues to both technical and management staff.
I am very versatile, having started in the technical ranks, later moving up to a run of successful management assignments and more recently to a technical manager role.
I am taking over for someone that although technically sound, was not effective in managing relationships.
I am one of those very talented technical people, who also knows how to manage others effectively.
I have the technical leadership skills to manage and resolve technical issues.
I am a thorough gentleman who is technically sound and possesses good experience both in technical and management areas.
I am technical, presentable to internal management and partner management, diligent and sincere.
I have a solution of each and every technical problem and can manage anything very easily.
I am very knowledgeable both in technical aspects of my job and in being a manager.
I am the technical manager to ensure the solution is rolled out as required.
I am a strategic thinker and manager who effectively communicates technical concepts to a technical as well as non-technical audience.
I have the ability to explain complex technical matters to non technical management and to connect effectively at all levels in the organisation.
I have the patience of a saint and is brilliant at explaining deeply technical issues to a clueless non-technical managers.
I have an impressively deep and broad technical background, yielding influential credibility as a technical manager.
I have the ability to manage technical and non-technical efforts with the same professional attention to detail
I am a very strong technical manager able to drill deep into technical details when needed.
I am the rare combination of technically solid, great at managing up, a fantastic immediate manager and last, but not least very, very kind.
I am a manager with an excellent Telco background, not only on management level, but as well to the technical details.
I am technically strong, and yet would have fitted into a non-technical manager position as well.
I have the unique ability to manage technical staff while also being very technically savvy as well.
I am one of the best managers and technical people that has ever worked for me.
I am always able to balance people management with technical competency.
I am not only well experienced in technical but also science.
I am a technically strong manager with great insight into what it takes to serve technical clients.
I am always willing and is comfortable managing tasks that would appear out of my sphere of responsibility or technical expertise.
I am technically astute, knows how to ask the right questions and is stern in my management style without being condescending.
I am one of the few individuals who can work/communicate with various audiences (super technical to management types).
I am differentiated from most other managers by my passion to continue expanding my technical expertise.
I am the colleague you go to when you need help of any sort: scientific, technical, task management, etc.
I have deep technical expertise and goes way beyond delivering the best candidates to hiring managers.
I am a rarity - a technically-savvy manager who truly tries to do what is best for the company.
I am technically strong as well as being an effective manager and is focused on delivering results.
I am not only a good manager, but also has a technical background which is very useful in my position.