Technology Manager Self-Appraisal Comments Examples

Technology Manager Self-Appraisal Phrases Examples To Examine Yourself

I am a technology manager with expertise in leveraging existing technologies into new areas.
I am an innovative technology manager who has managed our systems from end to end.
I am a manager who could manage down to the details if needed and was technology savvy.
I have managed several facilities, under several different technologies.
I am one of the most forward-looking technology and quality managers.
I am managing so much, yet makes the time to help us understand really complex technology.
I am able to use new technology to comprehensively manage that message.
I am not afraid to guide management to the best technological choice.
I am the type of technology manager that everyone dreams to have.
I have extensive expertise in managing technology partnerships.
I am lead by example manager with strong fundamentals in technology as well as management.
I am an experienced manager and technology expert, with a deep insight in people management, entrepreneurship, and the latest technologies.
I have been an efficient technology manager and always ahead in understanding technology business trends.
I am one of the few managers who would take the initiative of laying hands on new technology.
I am always on top of things, from managing the high expectations of our company managers to understanding technology in our ever-changing technology landscape.
I am up to date with the latest technology and management approaches and so is always relevant.
I have the onerous task of managing different technologies and bringing them together.
I am an innovative, conscientious, and extremely effective technology manager.
I am foremost a technology manager, but also passionate about all things "techno".
I am an excellent manager with many years of start-up and technology experience.
I am strong manager and an effective evangelist for innovative technologies.
I am a very strong technology manager who was a delight to have on my management team.
I am also very good in managing customer expectations for technology.
I am an innovative technology leader that has demonstrated a passion for technology management.
I have been effortlessly managing teams from different technologies across geographies.
I am the rare technology manager who endeavors to see technology through the lens of business needs.
I am one of those rare managers that are not only great with people but great with technology.
I am passionate about selling and technology, and well respected by my peers and management.
I have all the traits you want in managing the complex and changing world of technology.
I have managed to rise well above the mediocrity that plagues most technology writing.
I am an example of technology management and has a breadth of experience in many areas.
I am incredibly savvy when it comes to call center management and technology.
I am a deeply competent technology manager, forward looking yet pragmatic.
I have wide technological knowledge and managing capabilities.
I am my manager and mentor during my tenure with our company technology.
I am a great representation of what a technology type manager should be, one who knows the technology, but also does the work.
I am well versed in information management and emerging technologies.
I am always on top of technology and makes sure to get the best out of the technology used in my operations.
I am very skilful with internet & content management technologies.
I am a technological savvy manager who knows how to get the job done right.
I am easy to manage and learns very quickly new technologies and techniques.
I am also very quick to learn new technologies, but also has mastered the ability to manage these new technologies within any current environment.
I have the ability to manage both technologies, and people, and that is something that is certainly hard to come by.
I am one of those rare people who excels in both managing people and technology.
I am instrumental in setting up and managing the technology for our clients.
I have an extensive background in leadership, management, and technology that allows me to provide value in most any circumstance.
I am technology savvy and has often gone above and beyond with respect to managing the details of my assignments.
I have in depth understanding of the technologies while at the same time does not try to micromanage things.
I am an innovative manager with a willingness to explore new techniques and technologies.
I am always current with current and emerging trends be it technology, management or economy.
I am one of few tech managers who have a good tech sense about where technology is moving.
I have a unique understanding of technology that often managers lack in their backgrounds.
I am a Wikipedia on waste management technologies and is always willing to share it.
I am not only a good manager; my approach to innovative technologies is exceptional.
I have a good balance of technology and management, which makes talking to me very easy.
I am able to stay on top of technology in addition to being an outstanding manager.
I am tech-savvy manager whose interests in new technology, keep me updated always.
I am the epitome of a multinational country manager for any technology supplier.
I am an extremely technology-savvy, intelligent, and focused manager.
I am an incredible manager of people, process and technology.
I am a manager who understands technology and can effortlessly manage a team of techies.
I have managed many high profile clients across diverse technologies.
I am an all-rounder in areas of management, strategy, leadership and technology.
I am the kind of manager any technology group would welcome because of my commitment to successful sound and solid technological delivery.
I have always been an excellent resource for managing and troubleshooting technology issues.
I am also not afraid to implement new technology to help hiring managers and candidates.
I am comfortable with new technologies and very adept at managing by numbers as well.
I am eager to embrace new technologies and manage resources wisely.
I am an excellent manager, who also happens to be extremely competent from a technology perspective.
I am passionate about my work and very involved in all aspects of technology management.
I am brilliant in the use of technology, solving complex problems and people management.
I have also managed many technology changes, whether in hardware or in software domains.
I am our technology manager, and carried on with great courage and knowledge.
I have in-depth knowledge of management, technology, and infrastructure.
I am awarded, energetic, result oriented technology and people manager.
I am my manager during a period of tremendous technological change of our company.
I am extremely thorough and has an excellent grasp of managing information technology.
I have the tools needed to functionally manage the technologies in current use, and ramp up quickly on the emerging technologies.
I have a broad understanding of technology, which makes me a very effective technology project manager.
I have a solid reputation for being an excellent manager and technology leader.
I am the go-to for technology evaluation and innovation, especially on matters concerning bandwidth management and applications.
I am well-read and keeps me abreast with contemporary technological and management happenings in the world.
I have years of experience with technology that most companies need to do a better job of managing.
I have excellent technology, innovation and management expertise in enterprise solutions
I have a very well balanced approach to technology, solution and its management thereof.
I have a passion for technology at the same time not loosing focus on the management aspect
I am a technology manager, who can jump in and help team during a crisis
I have a very good legal mind and grasp of both technology issues, and technology company management.
I am both an excellent manager and always shows a strong commitment to excellence that any good technology manager should have.
I am very transparent at people management, encourages me team to pick up the new technologies, involves them in latest technologies.
I am a technology expert and managed three different teams working with different technologies with a charm.
I am a seasoned technology leader who is very adaptable to new roles and technologies.
I am one of the most influential technology managers and mentors in my early career.
I am comfortable meeting with all levels of management, yet is also hands-on with our company technology.
I am very quick at picking up new technologies and requirements and is one of those trusted managers you can count on.
I have always managed to stay one step ahead of everybody as far as technology and social patterns are concerned.
I have the unique ability to bridge the gap of mutual incomprehension between management and technology.
I am fluent in both management and technology and has exceptional ability to bridge the gap between.
I am a perfect blend of technology and management, very well versed with current and past happenings.
I am very smart, and picks up quickly on technology, measurement matrix and manager expectations.
I have also built and managed several websites for the technology, mining and small cap sectors.
I am an expert in technology management, with a positive approach and good character.
I am a meticulous manager with significant experience in technology and architecture.
I have a clear editorial vision and was able to manage our technology and contributors.
I am the ideal professional to manage the technology launch of this startup.
I am the ideal candidate for managing technology in a high-demand environment.
I am an efficient manager in a multicultural and high technology context.
I am a technology savvy manager, detail oriented and trustworthy individual.
I am an accomplished manager, whose passion and enthusiasm for new technology inspires those around me.
I have vast experience in managing variety of technologies in our company and capable to take on any challenge.
I am an outstanding technology leader, manager, and strategist.
I am good at technologies, people management and customer interactions.