Self-Appraisal Comments And Phrases For Your Job Performance Review

Self-Evaluation Phrases And Comments

Work Attitude: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am thoughtful in both my attitude to work and also my colleagues.
  • I have been one of the few never say die attitude while working in our company.
  • I have an infectious work ethic and positive attitude that makes you glad to come to work each day.
  • I have a positive attitude towards work and worked attentively, always maximizing my potential.
  • I have a can-do attitude, is well liked by my colleagues, and is very successful in my work.
Work Experience: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I have extensive work experience, having worked as an entrepreneur too.
  • I have many years of very useful experience, but is still willing to take on new ways of working.
  • I have experience working in situations and knows how to keep things in perspective.
  • I have some of the best experiences of my life and work history.
  • I have made my first working experience meaningful and impactful.
Work Skills: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I have worked in my position before and knows what skills are necessary to do the job.
  • I am always looking for new ways to do things and was constantly working to improve my skills.
  • I have impeccable leadership skill which makes me one that everyone wants to work with.
  • I have the temperament to work alongside many different skill-sets and be effective.
  • I am highly skilled and works equally well up, down and across an origination
Writing Skills: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am highly respected for my writing skills, insight, and versatility.
  • I have solid skills to succeed in any kind of writing environment.
  • I am also very adept at report writing and my skills were always admired.
  • I have always gone above and beyond and me the gift of writing is amazing.
  • I have an innate skill of identifying with my audience, and translating that connection through my writing.
Yard Worker: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am one of those co-workers you wish you could take to every place you work.
  • I am well-connected, and one of the hardest workers you will ever meet.
  • I have worked amongst some of the best workers within our sector.
  • I am a very hard dedicated worker always looking out for my fellow workers and knows just how to get the most out of all my stuff
  • I am an intelligent and astute worker who gives my best to the organization.
Youth Worker: Self-Appraisal Phrases
  • I am a hard worker and earned the respect of all my peers and co-workers.
  • I am an excellent worker for our organization and we were sorry to see me go.
  • I am an excellent and reliable worker and has all been quite exceptional.
  • I am an amazing co-worker, always reliable and willing to help.
  • I am a hard worker and was always looking out for what was best for the company.